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CORE COMPETENCE - from applied science RTD through industrial engineering into market competitive industrial scale up installations and operations:

  • carbon processing and refinery, pyrolysis, added value recycling and recovery of organic byproduct and waste streams;
  • biochar and carbon products, adsorbents, water treatment;
  • Phosphorus recovery and organic farming applications;
  • EU/MS Authority permitting of biochar/carbon refinery technology and products, REACH registration;
  • environmental assessment and restoration.

Terra Humana Ltd. is one of the leading international science, technology and advanced industrial engineering organization since 1989 (as Alstrom subsidy Lang Machine Works JV (since 1870)), specialized on carbon refinery processing, such as pyrolysis, carbonization, activated carbon and carbon biotechnological formulation. Refined and high added value carbon and biochar products derived from brown-coal, animal bone, coconut shells, nuts and other suitable feed material byproducts. Bio-energy production is also an important activity of the operations, including conversion of biowaste materials into clean energy.

The Terra Humana Ltd. technological and specialized core competence is Coal & Carbon: reductive thermal processing and industrial engineering, pyrolysis oil catalytic conversion and refining; activated carbon manufacturing from hard coal, coconut shell and nuts; biomass and brown coal added value conversions; qualified biochar production and applications; low carbon economy. The Terra Humana Ltd. agro application oriented core competence is organic farming and soil science: plant available Phosphorous & Nitrogen recycling, soil biotechnology, solid state fermentation and formulation, drought tolerant cultivation methods, biochar carbon offsets. The Terra Humana Ltd. share capital is €650,000, having 12 employees and extensive own industrial facilities in Hungary.

Edward Someus is specializing in the indirectly heated rotary kiln technique and auxiliary installations, such as off gas treatment and biofuel refinery, and soil biotechnology. Inventor of the 3R zero emission carbon bio-refinery pyrolysis technology and carbon applications for soil improvements, including pyrolysis syngas processing, biochar solid state fermentation and formulation for enhanced and safe food crop productions.

Edward Someus
Biochar S&T, senior engineer

Science, industrial engineering and user oriented market competitive applications are together to achieve results.

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